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Fire Extinguisher ball is a kind of shaped ball extinguisher. When simply t

Fire Extinguisher ball is a kind of shaped ball extinguisher. When simply thrown into the
fire, it would activate within 3 seconds and effectively disperse extinguishing chemicals.
When a fire occurs and no one is present, fire extinguisher ball will self-activate when it
comes into contact with fire and give loud noise to warn the people nearby. Due to this
feature, it can be placed in many fire prone areas, such as electrical circuit breakers, or
kitchen, cars, hotels, bla... There is no special train or skill required to operate the ball and
no need to face any dangers. No inspection and maintenance are required for the product
life span for 5 years.

·         Trade Name : "Auto Fire Off" 

·         Dimension : Sphere, Diameter 14.5 cm 

·         Gross Weight : 1.30-1.50 kg 

·         Chemical Weight : 1.25kg 

·         Fire Extinguishing Agent : Non-Toxic Mono Ammonium Phosphate 

·         Fire Type

·         Fire Rating : 1A*, 5B*, C* 

·         Container : Outer layer of Pent foam, about 11 mm thick shield by PVC film

·         Function : Flame activated

·         Features Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball 

·         Self Activating

·         The Fire Extinguisher Ball works automatically when in contact with fire.

·         Install within 30 centimeters over any fire hazard.

·         Alarm

·         When the ball explodes, the built-in alarm goes off releasing an approximately 138 decibel noise

·         Lightweight

·         Weighing at 1.3kg, it is suitable for anyone. Women, children and elderly people

·         Easy to use

·         No training required. Just throw the ball with one hand into the fire

·         Safe

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